Lectures at Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz:

Lectures at Humboldt University:


  • Tutorial on „Loops and Renormalization“ at the Autumn Block Course 2016 of the graduate school „Masse, Spektrum, Symmetrie“

At Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz and RWTH Aachen I gave (exercise) tutorials in various fields of theoretical physics. A detailed list is given here.

Thesis supervision:

I am currently supervising the PhD thesis of René Pascal Klausen at Humboldt University Berlin.

Previous theses:

  • Armin Ralf Kurt Schweitzer, master thesis, HU, 2017
    Title: The application of elliptic polylogarithms in all-order expansions of massive two-loop integrals
  • René Pascal Klausen, master thesis, HU, 2016
    Title: Reduction relations for Feynman integrals via parametric annihilators
  • Armin Ralf Kurt Schweitzer, bachelor thesis, HU, 2015
    Title: Differentialgleichungen massiver 2-Schleifen Beiträge zur Zweipunktfunktion
  • Martin Lüders, master thesis, HU, 2013
    Title: Linear polynomial reduction for Feynman integrals
  • Sebastian Kirchner, bachelor thesis, RWTH, 2011
    Title: Quantenmechanisches Tunneln eines relativistischen Wellenpakets und das Kleinsche Paradoxon

Thesis referee for:

  • Paul-Hermann Balduf, master thesis, HU 2018
    Title: The propagator and diffeomorphisms of an interacting field theory
  • David Prinz, master thesis (mathematics), HU, 2017
    Title: Algebraic structures in the coupling of gravity to gauge theories
  • Lisa Laudan, master thesis, HU, 2016
    Title: Feynman Graph Algebras for several couplings
  • Anna Bley, master thesis, HU, 2016
    Title: Cutkosky Cuts at Core Hopf Algebra
  • David Prinz, master thesis, HU, 2015
    Title: The Corolla Polynomial for spontaneously broken Gauge Theories
  • Julian Purkart, master thesis, HU, 2015
    Title: The signed permutation group on Feynman graphs
  • Lucia Rotheray, master thesis, HU, 2014
    Title: Hopf subalgebras from Green’s functions
  • Bettina Grauel, master thesis, HU, 2014
    Title: beta function QED to two loops – traditionally and with Corolla polynomial
  • Lisa Laudan, bachelor thesis, HU, 2014
    Title: Beispiele für die Algebren der Feynman-Graphen
  • Olaf Krüger, master thesis, HU, 2013
    Title: Filtrations in Dyson-Schwinger equations